Japan IT Week Autumn is the largest IT trade show in the second half year consists of 11 IT specialised exhibitions
including AI & Business Automation Expo, IoT & 5G Solutions Expo, Web & Digital Marketing Expo, and more.
The show gathers 1,100 exhibitors &  tens of thousands from several departments such as information systems, administration, and marketing.

Moreover, Japan IT Week Spring, which has been postponed due to COVID-19, will be held together with the Autumn show.
With two shows combined together, the show will gather even more variety of IT professionals.

Please come and visit Japan IT Week Autumn!


Each person needs to bring the visitor ticket for entry. Without a ticket, JPY 5,000 will be charged per person on-site.
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Japan IT Week Autumn is the largest IT business platform in the second half year.

The show offers you the most ideal opportunities to:

1) compare each customised demonstration directly

2) have consultation about IT issues with the profesisonal  

3) negotiate about the estimate & optimal introduction time

Meet 1,100 exhibitors possessed with high quality IT solutions that will benefit your business. You can implement new IT solutions and engage with optimal business partners via business meetings on-site.

Seminar sessions led by industry top leaders will be held during the show period!
Speakers will discuss the latest technology development and cases.
Visitors can learn insights on current and future IT trends and apply them to create the better enterprise IT platform for their business.


Visitor ticket and two business cards are required for entry.

The ticket is valid for one person only and is available for all the concurrent shows taken place during the show period.

If you plan to be accompanied by more than one person, visitor tickets equivalent to the number of attendees are necessary.

※Once the visitor registration has been completed, you will receive an email attached with URL to download your ticket.
※Admission fee: JPY 5,000/person without this ticket.
※Those under the age of 18 are not permitted to enter.