Data Center & Storage Expo (DSE Autumn) is Japan's largest exhibition featuring essential data storage solutions to manage and protect enormous volume of information.
A great number of information/network systems managers and specialists in positions such as researchers and developers in government/public organisations and medical institutions visit DSE Autumn every year to conduct face-to-face business with exhibitors.



B to B show aiming for discussions and orders

Japan IT Week Autumn is not just an event for public relations but an exhibition for business discussions and generate sales.
For this reason, Show Management makes sure that each exhibitor has at least one set of table and chairs for business discussions inside of the booth.
As a result, exhibitors have been able to negotiate with visitors extensively and achieve great results.


Companies dealing with AC, Server Rack, Data Center Management, Power Supply, SAN/NAS, SSD & Virtualization Solution

Business Matching

●New products & technology introduction

●Technical consultation of IT projects

●Cost & schedule estimation


Professionals dealing in Data Center, General Contractor, Data Center Design, Building, Business Planning, Management, Operation, System Development and more.

Exhibit profile

Data Center Facility Products

Server, Rack, Power Supply Unit & UPS, Air Conditioning, Operation Management Service, Independent Electric Power Plant, Double Floor System, Fire Protection & Extinguishment & Smoke Detection Equipment System and Earthquake Proofing

Operation Management Products & Services

Energy Management System, Cooling System (Air Conditioning, Fan, etc.), Energy Efficiency Solution, BEMS

SDN/Network Connection Equipment

Hub, Switch, Router, Connector, Tap Analyzer, Load Balancer, Network Monitoring Product, Security Appliance, VPN, Wiring System, etc.

Storage, Magnetic Tape, Removable Media, Disk. Disk Drive

Network Array, All-flash Array, Object Storage, DAT, DDS, 8mm Data Cartridge, LTO, LTO Ultrium, Magnetic Tape Drive, Blu-ray Disk, Hi-MD, Hyper Storage, DVD(-ROM、-R、-RW、+R、+RW、-RAM),
SSD, Magnetic Disk/Drive, RAID Disk/Drive, MAID

Storage Virtualization, Disaster Recovery Service

Backup System Construction Service, Remote Data Backup Service, System Management & Monitoring Service and Consulting Service


Each person needs to bring the visitor ticket for entry. Without a ticket, JPY 5,000 will be charged per person on-site.
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Exhibitor Directory of the Show

Concurrent Shows

A specialised show featuring cloud related products and solutions such as platforms, ERP, goupware and SFA.

This show features a full range of solutions related to cyber attacks, targeted attacks & information protection.

The expansion of web and digital marketing industry is led by this show. The show showcases marketing automation, AI applications and access analysis tools.

The show features IT solutions using mobile for increasing business efficiency and productivity. Corporate management planning, information systems and sales promotion departments visit and discuss business with the exhibitors.

The show focuses on data center facilities such as severs, racks and UPS, storage-related solutions such as NAS, SAN, disk drives and operational management software.

Sales Automation & CRM Expo Autumn features sales automation tools, SFA, CRM, Inside Sales, business card management, BI/DWH, and more.

Products and services necessary for direct commerce business such as EC website construction, customer attraction services and settlement systems for logistics and call centers are showcased at this show.

Application such as remote monitoring and production management, various solution such as data analysis using AI, as well as wireless communication technologies and sensors to build IoT/M2M system are featured at this show.

This must-attend show showcases solutions such as store operation, customer attraction, omni-channel and inbound promotion for IT transformation of the retail and service industries.

AI & Business Automation Expo Autumn is Japan’s leading show for AI technology.The show features wide range of business automation solutions such as AI technologies & products, RPA and chatbot.

Embedded Systems Expo is finally held in autumn!
Companies handling hardware, software, components, and development environments required for embedded systems development exhibit at this show.

In response to wide range of requests, the show will be held twice a year in May and October from 2019! Every products and services regarding software and application development will be exhibited.


Japan's Largest IT Trade Show

Japan's Leading IT Show in Autumn

Western Japan's Largest IT Trade Show